STEi Institute

STEi Institute is  Private Education Institution (PEI) registered with the Committee for Private Education (CPE).  Being awarded EduTrust certification by the CPE, it is eligible to provide education services to international students.  The main focus is to conduct hospitality and logistics diploma / advanced diploma courses.


Study in Singapore

Singapore has become one of the popular study destinations for asian students especially from India, China, Sri Lanka and Vietnam. From being nearer to home country compared to other study destinations to being safe there are lot of reasons why students have started to prefer to Study in Singapore.

Singapore private education is regulated by Committee for Private Education (CPE). All PEIs (Private Education Institutes) operating in and from Singapore must be registered with the CPE (Committee for Private Education) under the Enhanced Registration Framework (ERF). The Enhanced Registration Framework (ERF) sets the minimum standards that all Private Education Institutions (PEIs) must meet through the mandatory registration requirements. PEIs should register own courses (Cert, Diploma, Advanced Diploma and Post graduate diploma) and external degree programs (awarded by foreign institutions) with CPE.

EduTrust Certification Scheme is a quality assurance scheme administered by the CPE for PEIs in Singapore. The scheme provides a means for better PEIs to differentiate themselves as having achieved higher standards in key areas of management and provision of educational services.

  • EduTrust Star ( 4 Years) :   excelled in all key areas.
  • EduTrust (4 Years) : achieved satisfactory to commendable performance.
  • EduTrust Provisional (1 Year): achieved minimum level of performance.

For more details, refer to


CERTIFICATE IN ENGLISH 6 months class based study At least 7 years of age
DIPLOMA IN HOSPITALITY MANAGEMENT 6 months class based study + 6 months of internship* GCE’O’Level (Class 10th) or equivalent & a pass in English
ADVANCED DIPLOMA IN HOSPITALITY MANAGEMENT 6 months class based study + 6 months of internship* A relevant Diploma & a pass in English
DIPLOMA IN LOGISTICS AND SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT 6 months class based study + 6 months of internship* GCE’O’Level (Class 10th) or equivalent & a pass in English
ADVANCED DIPLOMA IN LOGISTICS AND SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT 6 months class based study + 6 months of internship* A relevant Diploma & a pass in English

* Internship is a compulsory Industrial Attachment or On the job training. In Singapore internships are done under Training Work Permit (TWP) subject to approval and issuance from Ministry of Manpower and such trainees are usually paid an allowance or stipend on monthly basis. In an event students are unable to secure an Internship due to factors beyond the control of STEi Institute, students will be offered a Project work instead. 

International students can do Internship only once. Hence progression student ie, Diploma graduates who have completed Internship once will have to complete a project instead.



Documents required: –

  1. Student application form (duly filled)  
    – Any gap more than 1-year duration should be explained in the remark column.
    – Pre-course counselling should conducted to prospective students & form should be dated and endorsed by applicant & ASR / Authorised Staff.

2. Copy of all Educational certificates and transcripts.

3. Copy of passport showing relevant particulars.


  1. Financial Support Documentsfor visa required country applicants only
    Not less than SGD 25,000 or equivalent (in foreign currency) under the student (OR) student’s parents name. Such statements should be latest issued within 1 month from the date of application.
  2. Birth certificate
  3. Work Experience letter(s), if any
    (Work experience should be on company letter head having company address, contact information and statement should include candidate’s full name, designation, drawn salary or average monthly income for last six months and company stamp).Such letter should be latest issued within 1 month of application.
  4. Letter of clarification for name change in the form of Name Change affidavit or Letter from Educational institution of previous study, if there is any name difference (student or parents) in the documents submitted.
  5. Photo should be in white background. Soft copy are accepted in JPEG 400*514 Pixel resolution.
  6. Notary attested copy of Highest Educational Certificate and transcript or any other documental support to authenticate the certificates.
  7. Proof of payment of application fees.
  8. Income tax returns statements of applicant or parents, if requested by ICA.

To know more on applying student pass, refer to ICA website for more details.


Once submitted ICA takes two to three weeks to decide the outcome. The three outcomes are as below

  • Rejection: ICA rejects the student pass application. Student can request the school to submit an appeal against the rejection. Documental evidences are to be provided to support the appeal application.
  • Request for Documents: ICA in some cases request the submission of copy of certain documents. Most common documents requested are copy of passport, educational certificates, employment testimonials, financial support document & income tax records. ICA provides 2 weeks for submission of documents and announces the outcome after verifying the documents in a week or two.
  • IPA (In-Principle Approval)  refers to approval of student pass application. IPA can come with Annex A or Annex B.


After approval of student pass student need to do the following

  • Sign the standard student contract and advisory note.
  • Payment of course fees.
  • Book Accommodation.
  • Arrive Singapore and report to school.


Upon Arrival students need visit ICA for the biometrics and collection of student pass with the following documents.

  • Medical test report (HIV and Chest X ray)
  • Educational documents in case of IPA with Annex B.

Note: Student pass is compulsory for international students to study in Singapore.



Studying with STEi Institute in Singapore also prepares you to Study in Australia.

Student who successfully completes Diploma and Advanced Diploma in Hospitality Management or Logistics and Supply Chain Management have option of progressing to University of Wollongong's Bachelors of Commerce with 12 months exemption.

Such students who study in Australia for two years and graduates with bachelors degree can stay back for another two years of POST STUDY WORK as per the current rules.