Professional Diploma

Logistics & Supply Chain Management

Professional Diploma in Logistics & Supply Chain Management Course is concerned with the management of the Supply Chain within the organisation and throughout the economy and covers various elements such as Supply Chain Management, Integrated Business Logistics – International Transport, Purchasing and Material Management, Warehouse and Distribution and Operations Management for Logistics.  The PDLSC course is developed to meet the needs of employers and employees in this fast-growing and demanding industry

Professional Certificate

Supply Chain Management:

The syllabus coverage allows the student to obtain an overview of supply chain management, looking at the evolution of the supply chain from traditional models to include the use of electronic and physical integration of supply chain participants.

Integrated Business Logistics - International Transport


The syllabus coverage allows the students to identify and explain the key elements in planning and managing an international transport operation and to explain the need for considering environmental factors in future logistics planning.


Purchasing & Materials Management

The syllabus coverage allows the students to achieve adequate understanding & knowledge of the importance of purchasing & inventory control, to explain the applications of various control systems available today and to upgrade their theoretical competence.

Warehousing & Distribution

The syllabus coverage allows the students to explain the relationships among warehousing, distribution and other elements in the supply chain, focusing on warehouse effectiveness, distribution and customer service commitments.

Operations Management for Logistics

The syllabus coverage allows the students to explain the operational aspects of production processing in relation to the logistics system and the linkages between production and the supply chain. It also examines some principles and issues in contract management