Professional Diploma

Business Management

Professional Diploma in Business Management  is designed to give learners a comprehensive knowledge about a variety of organisational features that can contribute to the overall performance of the organisation. Furthermore, this course introduces the ways in which managing the organisational features can contribute to improved business performance through the learning of knowledge and skill in business operations.

Professional Certificate

Business Communication

The syllabus coverage allows the students to recall the effective business communication concepts and apply them in verbal, non-verbal and written forms of communication in a business environment. It enables the students to develop and refine their own abilities in communicating clearly and concisely.

International Management

The syllabus coverage describe international business administration and management issues and apply them in related business functions. It introduces the dimensions of management and highlights the challenges which face managers in the contemporary business environment.  The module provides students with the opportunity to understand how the role of management can affect the performance of an organization.

Marketing Management

The syllabus coverage describes marketing management to recall key concepts of global marketing strategies and plans and to assess global marketing opportunities.  It allows the students to apply the marketing concepts and techniques to business environment.

Managerial Economics

The syllabus coverage describes key concepts of managerial economics and relate them in the business environment. It allows the students to obtain a basic awareness in the major economic theories and policy issues and the nature of competition and behaviour in business.

Human Resource Management

The syllabus coverage discusses the key management theories and apply them to workplace human resource management issues.  It allows the students to gain knowledge about the processes and procedures associated with human resource management and administration.


Financial Accounting

The syllabus coverage discusses accounting processes and the interpretation of financial statements.  It allows the students to obtain an understanding of the principles underlying the recording of business transactions and the basic accounting conventions / practices.


Entrepreneurship and Environment

The syllabus coverage discusses entrepreneurship and environment, and to apply them in the effective setting-up and operating of a business.  It allows the students to obtain the know-how in planning, designing, organizing of new start-up and to avoid most of the pitfalls in such a ventures.